thread: 2005-04-27 : The Open House 4: Handshaking

On 2005-04-27, Judd wrote:

Hi, I post at the various forums (fora?!?) under the name of Paka.  Lately I have been playing Conspiracy of Shadows, Riddle of Steel and Sorcerer and Dogs in the Vineyard among others.  I'm gearing up for a Burning Wheel game.

I work at a university library and will begin a masters program this year, having just turned 30.

RPG theory ain't necessarily my thang but I dig how it is discussed here and among certain posters at the Forge, 20 by 20 Room and at Ben's blog.  I tentatively post things here every so often when I'm sure I have something to contribute.

This summer I plan to finish my three RPG projects, a Sorcerer mini-supplement called The Dictionary of Mu, a Riddle of Steel setting called The Riddle of Blood and a d20 setting called Pentacle.  After that I hope to put a serious dent in my one third done novel before starting my masters program in late July.

judd_harris at yahoo dot com


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