thread: 2005-04-27 : The Open House 4: Handshaking

On 2005-04-27, Victor Gijsbers wrote:

Hi, I'm Victor, 22 years old and living in Utrecht in the Netherlands. I studies physics and philosophy, and am currently working as the Dutch analogue of a PhD-student in philosophy at Leiden University.

Started roleplaying some 5 years ago, with AD&D2E; then with my very own fantasy heartbreaker; then with ever more 'freeform' 'systems'. Although I've been reading on the Forge for over two years, last september I bought my first Indie-games. Now, I sometimes think back with regret on all those years doing freeform stuff.

Over the past years, I played some serious Sorcerer and My Life with Master, and several one-shots or few-shots of Otherkind, Shadows and Great Ork Gods. I've just started a Universalis game, and will start playing a campaign of The Shadow of Yesterday soon. On the internet, I am now active playing Nobilis and My Life with Master. Dogs, PrimeTime Adventures and Sorcerer and Sword are the "must play" games on my bookshelf.

I also like game theory and game design. Apart from a game-that-is-not-a-game which I tossed off recently, the only project which is actually more than just vague notions in my head is "Shades" - a Nar game about memory and forgiveness. (And building trust and sensitivity between the players. And trying out some fancy narrative techniques.)


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