thread: 2005-04-27 : The Open House 4: Handshaking

On 2005-04-27, Sben wrote:

My name is Ben Melhuish (sometimes with an S. in front of it); I lurk here (usually days or weeks after the discussions) out of curiosity more than a burning need to design my own game.

I've been gaming for ... hm, probably three quarters of my life, starting with a D&D/AD&D hybrid, moving through other TSR games and James Bond to Ars Magica, to (with my current group) Nobilis and our current series of "potluck tapas" games (everybody takes a turn running a one- or two-session game of their choice).  On my last turn, I ran a nicely Tarantino-esque Unknown Armies scenario; next turn, I'll run a Star Wars game with Heroquest rules.  I just finally purchased DitV; if it's as good as I hear it is, it'll make an appearance on an upcoming turn.

I currently live in Seattle (from L.A., from Portland).  I don't know anybody here face-to-face (unless kenjib also grew up in Portland), though one of the folks in my group went to college with the Metallian.  Small world.  In real life, I write software, and can be reached at (sben) [at] {pile}



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