thread: 2005-04-27 : The Open House 4: Handshaking

On 2005-04-28, Tobias op den Brouw wrote:

I'm Tobias, 29, from the Netherlands, and Jasper seems to start work a little earlier than I do (but at least he does other things, like post here, as well). Jasper and I know each other from way back when, but our contact's been like - twice in 20 years?

I run a consultancy in sustainable development and software design together with my business partner. I run one hell of a lovely relationship with my life partner. They are not one and the same. :)

RP-ing started with just reading the Dutch version of Das Schwarze Auge (Het Oog Des Meesters) when I was - dunno - 10ish? And getting my patient parents and even grandfather to play it.

Moved to the Usa, where I ran across second ed. AD&D. From there on some other games, like Shadowrun and the WoD games, as well as buying discount games for reading (Morrow Project, Other Suns, etc.)

Moved back to NL for university, played CCG then (still do, primarily V:TES), as well as some university-brew games (one which presaged modern D&D).

Roleplaying slumbered, but it re-awoke about 2 years ago. Ran across the Forge, bought Dust Devils, MlwM, Uni, DitV. Have only played Uni (loved it), will hopefully play DitV (my Augurann 'dead gods' setting, find it through the Forge) with a group soon. Involved in a starting-up play-by-post BW game. Also kicked off the Groupdesign thing at the Forge (Sydney, it's your turn! ;) ).


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