thread: 2006-08-31 : I think my expectations are screwed

On 2006-09-01, Jim Zoetewey wrote:

The family of a pastor has it really bad when something like that is going on. I've talked to other people with similar experiences. Interestingly, my "Internship That Ended Badly" was also at a sweet, country church with a history of kicking out pastors after a surprisingly short time.

As it happens, I do some work for an organization who's sole purpose is to get different Christian denominations to work together as well as doing a certain amount of interfaith work. I think that they've got piles of common experiences to talk about as the human experience of religious leadership is surprisingly similar (and despite this thread does not always suck...).

Also, for what it's worth, a surprising number of religious groups do actually recognize on some level the religious authority of other faiths. Roman Catholicism, for example, does more of that than I'd expected. Islam, despite some violently intolerant examples of the faith regards Christians and Jews as "People of the Book" and so on...


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