thread: 2005-04-27 : The Open House 4: Handshaking

On 2005-04-28, kat miller wrote:


I'm Kat Miller, the other half of Michael S. Miller and we met Vincent at Dreamation in New Jersey this year.

I have a Daughter of 4 of almost 5 years now, (going on 3 formal-although she'll be 15 in June.  Adoption is fun.)

Michael and I are starting the homestudy process again so that we can have a little sister for Dalys.

I'm 35 and I've been gaming since I was 12.  Although I was a freeform narative gamer long before that.  I started out with ADnD in the Gaming club at school.

I had been snubbed for being a girl gamer with 3 different groups before the Gaming Club, and that Christmas my gift was the Adnd line of books and my own gold plastic dice in a felt dice bag.

By Easter I was Gming.  Adnd also gave me an aversion to actually READING gaming books.  There so dry and boring.

To my horror, on of my gamer friends in college handed me his brand new MAGE book and said here read this.  Which is how I learned there was something other than Dnd.  And I haven't looked back (much.)

I met and married my Gm, (which is the best way to procure one for everyday use)  Mike's cousin Jason Roberts wanted to play a good Roman RPG and couldn't find one so he wrote one and Michael helped him put Fvlminata together and promote it before he found the FORGE

Michael has always wanted to write his own game and so the FORGE is the flame to him moth.  I like to play and run and didn't really have any desire to design but its hard not to get excited about the things that excite him or atleast learn enough about it so that we can talk about it so I started grudgingly to learn Forge stuff.

And I hate not being able to understand something.  The Forgian theories are not easy to understand.

I really appreciate Vincents Blog, Games, Posts and time. I have learned a lot more this year because of this blog than what I thought I knew before.

I wrote a little Game called War Stories ('cause no one should fear the term "let me tell you about my character")

I'm currently working on a game about sentient machines after the War against humanity called Fragile Gods,

and a game about Cat Gangs inspired by the teaser from John Wicks game "Cat" and thejoy I get from watching my house cats do most anything called Alley Cat.



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