thread: 2005-04-27 : The Open House 4: Handshaking

On 2005-04-28, Ghoul wrote:

Hi.  I'm Jack Gulick.  The handle is an old joke mangling of my last name (which is actually pronounced like the "G" was a "J" at least by my branch of the family).

Been gaming since just after the "A" was added, for all that years matter.  I was active on CompuServe's RPGamers forum for years, including serving as its primary game reviewer for the last several of those years.  Worked as co-designer and co-GM for the "Dreamsmiths" series of GenCon games in the early 90s, mostly with Dream Park, Castle Falkenstein, and Teenagers from Outer Space.  I'm an active Amber gamer and Ambercon junkie, including running (in some capacity) AmberCon North for the last 6 years.  I've theoretically been published as co-author of the 2nd of Crunchy Frog's two Teenagers From Outer Space licensed products, but though I have several copies, I never actually saw it on a store's shelves.  I occasionally post on 20'x20' Room.

Outside of gaming, I'm an Actuary, which is not the normal profession for a diceless gamer, I know.  Dealing day-to-day with the technical minutia of insurance contracts and US tax law makes all but the worst game rules seem clear and coherent, though that is the faintest of praise.

I live just near the capital of New Hampshire and get to actually play far less than I'd like to.

I've got a homegrown bronze age setting I'd love time to finish for use with HeroQuest, though it's old enough that it was originally conceived for use with RQ pre-AH; many things have changed but for various reasons only 3 or 4 players have ever done much in it.  I was the co-creator and co-GM of the Amber-as-HK-action-movie recast "Nine Princes in Hong Kong", though that was wrapped up 5 years ago.  Most of my game work recently has been similarly odd structural or mechanical recasts for use at AmberCons, including running Baron Munchausen, Puppetland, Cats, and Teenagers from Outer Space with an Amber twist.  (Thank $diety for broadly archetypal characters and an inherently infinitely flexible setting!)  DitV is on my "why haven't I found anyone to play this yet" list, and is pretty much right at the top of it.

Love the site, follow along when I can, and am even learning to shut up when I'm clearly not following along.


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