thread: 2006-08-31 : I think my expectations are screwed

On 2006-09-02, Emily wrote:

I've had the best spiritual experiences outside of organizations.  In small groups with my women's circle, in semi-anarchic to structured yet free rituals in pagan and eclectic circles.  As I've gotten more involved in the behind the scenes of making certain spiritually focussed events go, I've had less satisfaction due to getting caught up in politics.  But at the same time, other folks who were attending got a lot out of them.  It's like a wierd sacrifice one makes to let somebody get the good stuff.

And, Sydney, thanks for the cogent summary of that position. It is a compelling argument against polygamy. It doesn't seem to rule out polyandry, group marriage, or more radical deconstructions of marriage, such as the acknowledgement of alternative household/family/economic union units. But then, I've lived in semi or fully communal situations for more of my life than not, so I tend to think in that direction. : )

An issue with multiple partners in marriage is the same as in creating a commune—it reduces the amount the same group of people has to consume in order to live. If I live with 10 people we all can share the same stove, refrigerator and stereo. If we lived separately, we'd each have to purchase these things individually. It is good for the group members, but they are contributing less to the overall commercial economy.  Group arrangements are simply more complex emotionally and legally, and our laws are not set up to handle the legal ramifications. But also it is not as suited to supporting the functioning of our capitalistic economy which may be an underlying reason behind opposition to it.


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