thread: 2005-04-27 : The Open House 4: Handshaking

On 2005-04-28, joshua m. neff wrote:

Hi, Vincent, and everyone. My name is Josh (or, if you're really formal, go by my handle). I read this blog frequently, but don't comment frequently. I've been participating in the Forge since...well, since Ron & Clinton (& Jared Sorensen, & others) were posting on Gaming Outpost. I basically followed everyone to the Forge, like a happy little lemming. Which is how I started reading Vincent's posts and actual play of his games.

Anyhoo...I currently live in Mukwonago, Wisconsin—which is just outside of Milwaukee. But that's only for another couple of months. I'm finishing up graduate school (in Library and Information Studies) and moving back to the Kansas City area this summer. I also work at a Borders Books here in the area. I have a wife, who games with me, and a precocious step-daughter (who I'm planning to adopt as soon as we have the time and money), 8 years old, who does not game yet (but the wife and I are planning on bringing her into the fold sooner or later).

I've been gaming since 1980, having started with D&D (I played a dwarf fighter, going through module B1.) Because of work scheduling and school stresses, I'm not currently playing anything. I ran one session of Dogs in the Vineyard, which was the last thing I played. I've played quite a bit of HeroQuest (both in Glorantha and other settings), which I love. Other games I've played in recent years and enjoyed the hell out of are Sorcerer, The Shadow of Yesterday, Trollbabe, and My Life With Master. I'm also half-assedly but enthusiastically working on my own RPG. It takes the basic conflict resolution system of Dogs, but moves in a very different direction overall. It's called "The Elfin Queen" and is (sort of) Elizabethan Fantasy. Unfortunately, it's been put on the sidelines until school is over and my life is a bit more settled. I also write poetry and prose (wrote my first novel in February) and am becoming increasingly interested in copyright and IP issues, especially as they relate to the principles of universal access and free information.

And now, I really have to get back to working on my schoolwork.


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