thread: 2006-08-31 : I think my expectations are screwed

On 2006-09-06, Clinton R. Nixon wrote:

This series of comments is important and probably unintentionally hilarious. Sydney's saying really interesting things about the nature of religious belief, and although I think he's off-base, I'm fascinated. Raven's got some interesting feedback. And then some of us (me included!) think pot is OK!

If we're going to state our personal beliefs, I think marriage shouldn't be a legal institution at all, but a cultural/religious/ritual one. You should be able to register people with the government that will have the same rights as spouses now: basically, registering your living unit. As far as "marriage," though: I find it bizarre that it is a legal entity, as it is rooted in religion and ritual.

And as far as my personal beliefs about marriage, I obviously like it. I'm married. I'm very open about what that should mean, though, and I think that a group of people who love and care for each other is probably a lot more healthy than just two people, but I don't think our (and by "our," I mean modern America) shared culture is ready for the sort of melting-pot-of-touching culture that would fit our psychology better.


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