thread: 2006-08-31 : I think my expectations are screwed

On 2006-09-07, Tris wrote:

This stuff is really good.

The American revolution was initiated by patriots

Really?  I was led to believe that the ringleaders were largely concerned with unfair taxes, rather than anything else?

C.S. Lewis called some of the pagan stories "happy dreams,"

I'm not sure whether anyone with pagan beliefs would find a patronising "you are on the right track, just keep going and you'll get to what I believe" more or less annoying than a "I think all of you are deluded actually".

About worth, and belief

I always struggle with this:  That the morality I have been brought up with judges "good" based on my actions.  But a supposedly "good" god rewards or punishes solely on "belief".  I suspect we'd all think a guy who tortures kids for fun but devoutly believes in god and redemption to be more evil than a guy who spends his life working to help others, but isn't sure about whether he has a soul.  However from what I understand most christians believe god would put the "evil" guy in heaven, and the "good" guy in hell?

Wundergeek's mention of the anonymous christian is what I feel a god that was good by my standards would do, but seems to be at best a minority view.

Oh - and this is a relevant, interesting link :

I also hate that this blog has like 12 hours of frantic awesome activity, then 12 hours while I post one comment, and then another 12 hours of excited discussion.

You should all move to England.  For the good of your souls!


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