thread: 2005-04-27 : The Open House 4: Handshaking

On 2005-04-28, Trevis Martin wrote:

Hi everyone, I'm Trevis Martin.  I read this blog and the Forge frequently but I don't post much my brain seemingly only good at recognizing amazing insight instead of producing it.  I live in suburban Kansas City with my wife, a roommate and two silly little dogs.

I've been doing RPG's for about 19 years.  My start is a little unusual as I actually started with Palladium's Robotech roleplaying game (out of a love for the source material.)  I got into Vampire in a big way in the early 90's but was always unsatisfied with the actual play of the game. So of course I tried to drift it to something that did what I want.  In the process of doing that I started using a game called Theatrix in about 1993.  I took some time off to earn my MFA in painting/printmaking from the University of Missouri. My work is here

Somewhere in there, looking for additional Theatrix material, I found the Forge and the wonderful thinking there and elsewhere that helped clear up a lot of things for me.

Most recently we just started a game of Vampire: the Requiem because I was determined to try out the new rules by the rules and see how it actually played. Um...well.  It sucks and we're drifting again real fast.  I feel terribly constricted compared to all the empowering games I've played, like Sorcerer, Uni, DitV, MLWM and others. My group is almost all novices with only one old veteren.

I met a bunch of you great people at GenCon last year but unfortunately I didn't get to play with any of you very much, mostly due to my own shortsightedness.

Finally I run the Golden Chain Press RPG Laboratory.  I have a play by post game called Revisionist History that I'm looking to get playtesters for and I host the current incarnation of the Universalis Arena, a wiki game of Uni. GCP also hosts the support web for Chris Lehrich's Shadows in the Fog.  I'm willing to host just about anything else for people who need a little space to play or develop.


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