thread: 2006-08-31 : I think my expectations are screwed

On 2006-09-07, Tris wrote:

woah!  I'm not saying that the Christians I've talked to are assholes - they are some of my good friends.  But they do sincerely believe that I can end poverty, find a way to world peace, make everyone love each other so this all because I care so much for my fellow man, and I'll go to hell.

Religion based on faith - yep, from what I've seen it has to be.  And then another problem:  If a guy does some stuff I don't agree with, and says "I'm good" should I believe him?

What if he has a gun?  Still no?  Still shouldn't let him do things against what I think is right and call him right cos he says so?

What if he has a hell?

Heh "I can send you to hell - 10D20"


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