thread: 2005-04-27 : The Open House 4: Handshaking

On 2005-04-29, Yoki Erdtman wrote:

Hi gang,

I'm Yoki Erdtman, and you might have seen me post as Yokiboy here and elsewhere. I'm 35, married, father of two gorgeous girls. The older of my girls is six, and we have just started roleplaying together.

I game weekly, with the same gang I've gamed with since I was 14. We are finally shifting into a more narrative style and LOVE the results. At this time we're playing The Riddle of Steel, having just ended a Primetime Adventures campaign, and we also have a FATE game on the back burner. I am looking forward to playing Sorcerer, DitV, Dust Devils, and My Life with Master.

Since learning about indie RPGs at the Forge, and picking up Sorcerer, I have bought just about every game I've come across. I am currently trying to resist the urge to buy Burning Wheel Revised, and keenly awaiting The Mountain Witch. I'd like someone to convince me to buy Conspiracy of Shadows as well.

My gaming industry claim to fame is that I headed up international sales for Chessex Distribution, prior to them being bought by the Armory. Matthijs was one of my customers at the time, and probably the only one here that I know in person.

Ninja Hunter J/Nikola/Monkey King, I didn't know that all three were the same person, and what they heck's that comment about Dogs v2? Tell us more!




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