thread: 2005-04-27 : The Open House 4: Handshaking

On 2005-05-01, Gordon wrote:

Hi all -

I'm Gordon Landis, 41, born in CT, living in San Jose, CA with my not-quite-fiance (but after 10+ years, who're we foolin'?).  I started with RPGs back in junior high, stopped playing for a while in the 80's, and have been active with the GO/Forge folks for quite a while.  I've met Vincent and a number of the other excellent posters here at GenCon over the last few years.  I have an RPG design by the name of SNAP that will be ready for GenCon this year.

I've been working with PCs since the old IBM PCjr - some programming, mostly databases, but I've dabbled in most of the typical tech-type jobs: consulting, support, QA, management, probably other stuff I'm forgetting.  Most of my career in the last 10 years was with a software company making products for corporate patent management, but they finally closed up the CA office last year, so I've been dabbling in consulting again since then.  I probably can't keep that up TOO much longer . . .

I have recently been reminded that I am flat-out weird about people I know primarily on-line.  Even when I've met them, I don't quite accept that I, like, REALLY know them.  None the less, it is my goal to eat sushi with Andy K at the next GenCon, as I, too, friggin' love the stuff.


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