thread: 2006-10-05 : Reward systems

On 2006-10-05, ffilz wrote:

"Why do we need a reward system? Can't play be it's own reward?"

Saying it that way, and having compared to poker, makes me think this question is almost like asking "Isn't flipping cards it's own reward?" Ok sure, for some folks, in need of something mindless do just shuffle cards and such, and such fiddling is the reward.

But obviously you play poker to accomplish something. Perhaps you're playing for real money. Perhaps you're playing to have something to do with your hands while you chat with your friends.

So yea, any activity that people enjoy doing has some kind of reward. Formalizing a reward system just makes it more clear what kind of reward the activity might present, though such formalization does not necessarily suggest any individual will be interested in the activity for that reward. Which I guess is where CA and incoherence start to come into play. If one guy is playing poker to cover his rent, another to chit chat, and a third because he likes flipping cards, there's a chance they will clash somehow.

As usual, Vincent, you have a way of stating things simply and with few words...



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