thread: 2006-10-05 : Reward systems

On 2006-10-10, Vincent wrote:

Frank (T): See, I remember Ron talking to those PrO guys in the Castle and telling them the easiest way to identify what kind of play a game supports is to look at the Reward System. And I'm looking at games I know and like and see a lot of stuff that supports a certain kind of play, and some of it is currency, some of it is resolution, much of it is setting and color, and there are a lot of different "cycles", as Ralph calls them, and I am wondering: Why should Reward System (whatever that is) be so special?

You've got the causality inside out.

Don't look at "the reward system" and try to figure out why it's special. Look at which systems are special.

I used to have this argument all the damn time about the looly pooly. I'd be like, "your system is how you decide what happens" and they'd be like, "no, we ignore our system all the time," and I'd be like, "I mean, you know how you decide what happens? That's your system," and they'd be like, "maybe in your hippy games," and I'd rip my own eyes out.

Frank, if something's sustaining Wushu into multi-session play, what is it? It's something.

But if you're serious about understanding this, post actual play at the Forge. I can give you definitions and examples, that's all. You want to really see it, the Actual Play forum is the place.


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