thread: 2006-10-05 : Reward systems

On 2006-10-10, Frank T wrote:

Vincent, I totally see the part with the Reward System at the table. I just think that the Reward System in the game rules is something entirely separate, that, if at all existent, may be linked to the former if the designer so decides, which is totally up to the designer. Look at Ron???s definition: It's all in there. I just failed to look it up again before I asked the question in the open house.

Look, I wasn't aiming for a discussion like this, but when it came up, I voiced my concerns. Then people started confusing Reward Cycle and Reward System and the 3-4 different things Reward System refers to according to the Glossary, making it even more complicated than it already is.

I'll give it one last try. Let's for a moment use the term of Reward Lumpley for what Ron describes as (a), and Reward Mechanics for what Ron describes as (b) and (c), okay? Now, that's two totally different things. And then Ron says, usually when people say reward system, they mean how the Reward Mechanics facilitate the Reward Lumpley. So the mechanics facilitate the personal and social gratification, right?

And here I go saying: Why do those mechanics where you "get something" (the in-game "reward", usually a change to the character) facilitate personal and social gratification any more than other mechanics, or other stuff in the game text such as Setting and Color? Why do they hold such a special place that one would use them, via the Reward Cycle idea, as a primary means to identify an Instance of Play, which is in turn the measurement for Creative Agenda? That is the thing I don???t get. I can???t make it any clearer than that.


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