thread: 2006-10-05 : Reward systems

On 2006-10-10, Vincent wrote:

Awesome. First thing to get down is the timeframe. Next we'll talk about diversity, but now let's talk about timeframe. We're talking here about changes to your character and stuff over time. What's linked to your fulfillment isn't the moment of changing your character, but the whole process of changing your character.

"Why should in-game changes, like putting a +1 on my character sheet, be linked to my fulfillment?"

Answer: it shouldn't. +1, -1, nobody cares, doesn't signify. Instead:

"Why should the whole process of making in-game changes over time, like changing my character's effectiveness overall or something, be linked to my fulfillment as a player in such a way that they, of all mechanics, should be called the reward system?"

Are you good with this? "Reward system" isn't about the changes themselves, it's about changing over time, cool?


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