thread: 2006-10-05 : Reward systems

On 2006-10-11, Frank T wrote:

Hold it for a second there. So basically there are two types of rules that change stuff: Resolution rules, and reward rules. Resolution rules always affect what happens in the fiction. Check. They sometimes affect the numbers (or whatever) on the character sheet, like marking off hit points. Check. Reward rules (as by Ron's definition (b) and (c)) always affect the numbers (or whatever) on the character sheet. Um, always? How about changes to positioning? Not that I could think of a rule that directly affects positioning and is not resolution.

But then again, where does resolution stop and reward begin? Ron's definition doesn't say anything about that. Fallout in Dogs is reward. Losing hit points in D&D is resolution. What about getting a derangement in Vampire or Cthulhu? What about losing your sword-hand in The Riddle of Steel?

Reward rules sometimes also affect the fiction. Like, um, for example the titles in old D&D, where a third level fighter was called a veteran (or whatever), and color stuff like that? Or do you mean positioning here?


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