thread: 2006-10-05 : Reward systems

On 2006-10-19, Tim Ralphs wrote:

Okay, let's summarise where we are so far:

1) Over a reward cycle, which is as yet of indeterminate length but which is of the scale of "like, hours, maybe most of a session, maybe a whole session, maybe multiple sessions," we will observe changes in both player position and fictional situation.

2) Some of the game mechanics serve to bridge the fictional situation and the players positions. Not all of these are reward mechanics, but some, particularly those that bridge from situation to position, are likely candidates.

3) Narrativist play relies on escalation and resolution of elements in the fictional situation.

4) (Where I think we're going) If the escalation and resolution of these elements continual affects the players positions in accordance with the direction of the fictional situation, then the players positions will drive the escalation and resolution further, faster, more.

I don't like pre-empting you, so I'll leave it for you to confirm or refute 4).


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