thread: 2006-10-30 : Mechaton developments

On 2006-10-31, NinJ wrote:

I'm very excited about this. I've got my mecha all built and everything (except one guy who's unarmed, but that'll take me 10 minutes to give the dude a standard assault rifle).

I'm playing the Insurgency, which was also the insurgency against the previous totalitarian government. When the Occupying Power invaded, we thought we had an ally. What we found ourselves with was an invading army that wanted what they all want: to take the land, treasure, and herds of the Mukun tribesmen. A thousand years ago, we fought them on horseback and with swords and bows. Today, we fight them with pitmans and rockets.

We won the last time, too.

The Mukun Insurgency, which calls itself "Paktali" ("Fearsome" in Mukun), is using the mecha version of the AK-47, the Kogorov AIn-11 second generation pitman. The AIn 11 is cheap, easily modified and repaired, and uses standard manipulators and hard points that make it intercompatible with a wide variety of attachments. Its humanoid form means that a few hours training yields a competent Pakta capable of stalking and destroying enemy armor. A year's experience yields a Pakta who can fly, coordinate with his brothers, and destroy the advanced pitmans of the Occupying Forces and their lapdogs, the Provisional Government.

More to follow.


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