thread: 2006-10-30 : Mechaton developments

On 2006-11-01, Darksyntax wrote:

Dev #2:
Ooo! I wanna be red.

My first move will be to reinstate the former dictator fo this troubled land. This will pull 1/2 the forces from green and 1/2 the forces from blue. The newly created force (I shall call it teal) will be twice as strong as either the remaining blue or green forces. Then I quit the game and wait for teal to restore Society/Conscience, Security/Law Enforcement & Economy/Jobs to preconflict levels returning this little corner of the world to the preconlict utopia it was.

Teal for the win!


Dev #1:
On a serious note Vincent, I'm counting the hours til Monday when you you post up the new rules.


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