thread: 2006-10-30 : Mechaton developments

On 2006-11-01, Vincent wrote:

Emily chose the occupation, so I'm the provisional government.

The provisional government is the legal and legitimate wartime government of the Republic of Tarkut, as established by executive order in the first moments of the invasion. It operates more or less below the occupation's radar, on an infrastructure of families, clans, districts and neighborhoods in the city - preexisting social controls too subtle for the hamfisted occupation to grasp.

If I win society & conscience, it'll be a return to our native progressive but cautious modernism, meaning both a rejection of the permissiveness and individualism of the West, and an end to this ridiculous, shortsighted "Paktalism." The people will be decent moral sheep!

If I win economy & jobs, it'll be a new era of prosperity and reenergized productivity ... for the state. The people will (still) have very little economic choice or opportunity, especially the traditionally disenfranchised (like the Mukun, the Pracis, and, y'know, women).

If I win security & law enforcement, it'll be disappearings, death squads, personal vendettas carried out by the police, tribalism disguised as law, and no public oversight whatsoever.

If J's fighting with the AK-47 of the mech world, I'm fighting with jeeps left over from the Korean War. They're crud-ugly, bulky, inflexible, standardized in a bad way not a good way, and fuel inefficient. They have bad suspension. They're called chuckers, which used to be spelled CUKR and used to mean something, but doesn't anymore. The saying goes, "there's no such thing as a good chucker pilot." They're what we have after the occupation smashed and decommissioned our modern mech fleet, and pity us if we have any battles underwater or in space.


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