thread: 2006-10-30 : Mechaton developments

On 2006-11-03, Uriel wrote:

Shiny! I like where this is going. Adding an emotional contect to what the battles are all about is genious. Maybe with this I can get some people interested in starting a campaign with me.
Oh, and I got three factions too. Black squad, with the skull emblems and standardized frames, feels right for the provisional goverment. Tan squad with the desert theme and big walkers, obviously the occupying power. And the rest of the mechas are a jumbled assortment of blue, grey and red mechas, built of the left over bits.

One question though: This feels very 3 player oriented, at least the map. What, if anything, in the setup will have to be changed to accomodate fewer or more players?

Please post some pictures of your mechas, I need inspiration!


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