thread: 2006-10-30 : Mechaton developments

On 2006-11-06, Emily wrote:

The Occupying Power—ahem, that is, the Liberating Force is the Payin Division of the 4th Armor Corps of Cintar Province, part of the constitutional monarchy, the Rasil Royal Empire.  The Rasil Empire invaded to free the common people of Turkut from the excesses of the former Turkut dictatorship, and to end depredations of that regime against the Empire.

Royal Ptiman (5th gen) pilots are hereditary positions.  Pilots are part of a blooded aristocracy whose lineage is tightly controlled by the reigning Monarch of Rasil. It is a pilot's duty to have a squalling brood of brats to make the next generation, and when a pilot falls one of their siblings takes up the mantle of their family's ptiman. Ptiman Sylphs (the organic control components) are derived from the genetic material of their pilot line. It's all in the family.

Lesser ptiman (3rd gen and below) are piloted by trained members of the military class.  4th generation were developed as unpiloted drones. They have mostly been discontinued due to costly malfunctions, except for specialized drones used for spotting and blitz maneuvers.

The Royal Rasil Empire offers freedom from the oppressive yolk of the Tarkut Empire and the feudal so-called Republic that has come to replace it. The Paktali are murderous scum that will be wiped out under the Pax Rasili.  When the people of Tarkut embrace the democratic values of the Free Royal Empire.

If I win:

Society & Conscience: The people of Turkut will embrace the modernizing culture of the Rasil empire and abandon their backward and supersitious ways.

Economy & Jobs: The people of Turkut will be absorved into the class structure of the Rasil Empire and a steady flow of goods and workers will begin streaming toward the center of empire.  Only a small percentage of the population will be enslaved (say 25%), leaving the others to profit from the influx of new technologies and entrepreneurial experience.  Within 3 generations there will be a new strata of Turkut people who attain petty-aristocracy level wealth.

Security & Law Enforcement: The Paktali Butchers will be obliterated and martial law will be enforced until peace is achieved. Once the Turkut people have adopted Rasili ways, the enlightened strata will gain suffrage.


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