thread: 2006-10-30 : Mechaton developments

On 2006-11-06, NinJ wrote:

I love how my typo "Ptiman" (for "pitman") has been picked up here. The Pitman Project is a US Army project for power-suited infantry. It's a real thing.

"Ptiman" is like "Ptolemy" I imagine; the "P" is unpronounced. I think the accent goes on the last syllable. I love having a new name for these guys.

Rasil Empire, eh?

I love the hereditary thing. Are there going to be coats of arms? I have a flag making technique I want to try. We're going to have scripture written on command banners for yellow dice on occasion. (This is a rule I'm shaky on: command flags should really go to a given friendly within Direct range, not a given target. I think they work like Yellows: if that friendly hits, he can opt to use the command die for damage instead of his own roll.)

I also love the sexual link to the mecha in the Royal line. Nasty. "This is my weapon, this is my gun..."

Uriel, if you're matching your opponent's mecha, you're not playing offense. What you described is a defensive setup that will keep him from moving forward, perhaps, but won't gain you the points to win. Let your defensive mecha fight the two guys. Get your two offensive dudes ganging up on one of his defenders. Oh: you shouldn't be removing rockets from one side. Every player gets the same number of rockets. I doubt that had any serious effects on play, though; that's a statistical +1 on one attack roll.


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