thread: 2006-10-30 : Mechaton developments

On 2006-11-06, Vincent wrote:

> Oh, and the Provisional Goverment is welcome to become
> part of the Rasil Empire ...

Yeah, I bet we are.

Uriel, you're right, the current tiebreaker rule absolutely hoses the loser of the roll in 2-player games. Better if the rule was "as winner of the roll you get to choose: add a mech to your side or drop a mech from your side."

Oh and a new clause to the setup rule: "defender, when you place the rest of your mechs, don't put 'em in direct fire range of any enemy stations."

Since I haven't put the PDF up yet, come to think of it, I believe I'll go change those. Thanks! And sorry about you losing the game so bad.


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