thread: 2006-10-30 : Mechaton developments

On 2006-11-07, Uriel wrote:

"Better if the rule was "as winner of the roll you get to choose: add a mech to your side or drop a mech from your side.""
That's a much better rule Vincent! So in effect the winner gets to decide wether to be the attacker or the defender.

But I can still think of a situation where even this rule has to be amended to be fair. One example would be the game last week, which if you dropped one player, would look like this.

Side A has 4 mechas with a total of 16 attachments (big guys!).
Side B has 8 mechas with a total of 12 attachments (puny guys!).
They are tied for 5 vppu each. So they roll off.

Lets say B wins. Removing a mecha doesn't remove the tie, B still has more mechas and fewer attachments. Adding a mecha doesn't either, but if it's a maxed out mecha they will be tied for attachments instead (which might require another roll to remove one of those).

Lets say A wins the roll. Adding a mecha doesn't break the tie. Removing a mecha does, but the starting points for A would then be (3+3)x6= 36 and for B (3+8)x4=44. It doesn't give A anything but a worse situation and IMHO A would get crushed.

Lets say people come to the table with these armies, how would you do to make it a fair fight?

Yes, I know I'm pestering you with silly scenorios like this, but it is only because I love Mechaton and I want it to become the best possible when it's final.


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