thread: 2006-11-06 : Mechaton campaign battle plan

On 2006-11-07, NinJ wrote:

OK! Let's see what comes out my head.

1) I'm kidnapping the shit out of Emily's Prime Minister. He was a member of the Tarkut Democratic Nation-State (NB: "democratic"is a bit of a misnomer) government and we've got a beef.

2) This is a coup for us ??? it shows that we can strike anywhere at any time. This is S&C.

3) He's coming out of one of the Legislative Offices in D3.

4) He's being driven in a limousine.  (He's a moving Special. I think we're cool on rules for that, right?) Vincent, you've got a mob of people protesting the PM's presence, let's say two stands of them. They can have Reds, but not Blues - mobs don't fare well in this kind of thing.

There are news reporters and civilians around.

Other objectives:

??? A police station belonging to the Rasili
??? A market belonging to the Tarkutliya
??? Two trucks that brought the Paktali Ptimanya to the field of battle, probably disguised as farm vehicles or something.

I'll leave the remaining Objectives to you guys.

(Am I correct that I can't have "I assassinate the dude" as an objective? I don't see how that would work.)


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