thread: 2006-11-06 : Mechaton campaign battle plan

On 2006-11-07, Valamir wrote:

To do Vector Movement on the table top without hexes and without the multiple leapfrogging counters technique (which would get very confusing in Mechaton) I recommend d20s.

Set the number to the velocity and use the triangular face like an arrow to point the vector.  Set the die near the mech.

When its time to move, measure that distance from the mech in the direction of the arrow.  Move the mech.  Then apply your thrust etc.  Then measure from the die left behind (close enough) to get the distance and use the measuring tape as a guide to line up the arrow.  Move the d20 with the new number and new vector next to the mech.

Works very well, though you do have to be very careful not to bump the d20s...especially by rolling dice on the table.



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