thread: 2006-11-06 : Mechaton campaign battle plan

On 2006-11-07, CarlR wrote:

Will Mechs in Space remove their legs in favor of prehensile anii?  Shock crossover!

Maybe Mechaton campaigns could adapt the Cheap & Cheesy Adventure Generator from "In a Wicked Age" for creating scenarios?  Or is it unwise to cross the streams?  (If so, too late, we've already discussed locally mixing Dogs with Mechaton.)

It's interesting that for this campaign the Mechs seem to be powered armor size, if humans are two bricks tall.  I'd been musing over rules for infantry using 1x1 bricks, that made the mechs really massive.  Infantry only got 1 white die: move, spot, defend, attack hand to hand, choose one.  And after you step on them you replace them with a 1x1 plate. :-)

I like the space and water combat rules - simple but interesting.  Will those be in the final PDF?

For vector movement in space, you mean like Mayday had, where you have a token to represent your previous position, then you place a token for your future position along the same line and distance as from previous to current position, and adjust it's location by the amount of your green die?  Are you also going to use vector movement for missiles (so they keep going if they miss) or are they time-fused so if they miss, they go off instead of being a battle field hazard?

Space minefields would be nifty, but maybe that's too fiddly.

With the new and improved cover damage rule (5's vs. a target in cover damage the cover instead) has anyone tried the tactic of moving a mech with low armor value (or a high spot value) behind a mech with high armor value, in the hopes the third player will shoot it up and do damage to the mech in front as well?  I'm assuming you can't target your own mechs, though.

Do stations provide cover?  If so, can you blow them up by accident?  How about intentionally?  Boiled peaches again!


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