thread: 2006-11-06 : Mechaton campaign battle plan

On 2006-11-07, NinJ wrote:

James, these rules are fundamentally unchanged. In principle, they're the same. In practice,they're the same.

You'll notice that the "people" rule has to obey all normal rules for a piece on the battlefield. That they're people is color. It doesn't change anything. We wanted to go for this gnarly, Iraq/Afghanistan war thing (Gasaraki and VOTOMS being inspiration), and that was our decision. You might go for Gundam or Macross flavor. Whatever!

That it's a hovercraft, jeep, or a dude with an RPG only matters insofar as it affects the color. And that's stuff we agreed on at the outset. Your group will probably agree on totally different color.

There are principles to the rules of Mechaton. They are unchanged. You still build your guys and give them dice for what you've got. You still play for victory points against the Doomsday Clock. What we're doing here is making fun color and situation. A pickup game is still entirely possible, but there's other stuff you can do with it, too.


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