thread: 2006-11-06 : Mechaton campaign battle plan

On 2006-11-07, Valamir wrote:

If I were to do a Command Die rule, I think I would make it a universal White Die.

i.e. replace any White Die for any unit on your side (except its own)

That's useful enough to be worth an attachment.  Simple enough to use in practice.  And "simmy" enough to be justified as superior command / control.

For campaign purposes, one can also provide Non Mech based attachments representing orbital resources.  Purple Command Dice, Yellow Spotting Dice, and Red Artillery Dice would all seem to be appropriate.  They'd work just like their mech based equivalents except have no range requirements and no Initiative order.  Just roll em and use 'em at the beginning of each turn.  Would give a reason to select a space battle in order to fight over control of orbital facilities.

One could treat them as Facilities "Spy Sattelites" worth 2 Yellow Dice, "Orbital Missile Packs" worth 2 Red Dice (or hell...4), "Command Center" worth 2 Purple Dice...or whatever.  Control of those facilities at the end of the battle would provide those dice to the owning side for rest of the campaign...until somone launches a space attack to take them away.

On d20 Vector Dice:  If bumping dice becomes an issue, the game Hard Vaccuum had a supply of small bright orange triangular numbered counters that work equally well (except swapping the counters is slightly more fiddly than rotating the die).  They work pretty slick and easier to maintain than the leapfrogging counters for larger battles.  Vector Space battles is my Thang.  The B5/FullThrust variant being a particular fave.


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