thread: 2006-10-30 : Mechaton developments

On 2006-11-08, Uriel wrote:

It is winable Vincent, I smashed my friend Anders ass real good. And I did it thanks to a range advantage and godly luck. We built one army each with the restrictions above. I got army A, four mechas built as follows: 2w,2b,2rart,2rdir,1 rocket ; 2w,2b,2rdir,(1rd+1rc), 1 rocket; 2w,1b,1s,2rd,2ra; 2w,2g,2rc,1gd8,1b, 2 rockets. The last one being the station grabber. Heavy hopes one that one.
Anders built his army with 8 mechas as follows: 3x 2w,2rd; 2w, 2rd, 2 rockets; 2w,2s,1gd8; 2w,1s,2rc,1gd8, 2 rockets; 2w,2ra,2r; 2w,(1rd+1ra),(1rd+1ra).

Anders made several mistakes at setup. First he placed his perimeter mechas quite close to each other, allowing me to place my stationgrabber 10 hexes away from them to the side but still being no further away than 13-14 hexes from his stations. He then placed his 2 artillery mechas at his stations and the remaining 4 within 10 hexes from my stations where I had placed my 3 remaining mechas earlier. A mistake he made here was placing his close combat and sensor dudes first, they were nearly 14 hexes away from me and had a long way to walk before being off any use.

During the first turn he shot with 2 mechas from his main force at my station grabber. It took some hits from this and from artillery but dealt out an even amount using rockets on one of his artillery. I took down the other one to a single white with two attacks from my own artillery whilst backing away from my station to get out of direct range.
Round two my station grabber took two hits, blows a up an artillery mecha, moves to within spitting range of a station and grabs it. Now he has only a 1w guard for his stations and rushes back to his station with the 2 mechas from the main force to take back the station. One of those gets blown up, whilst my main force goes back to my stations and only gets 1 hit. 2 blue dice mechas are hard to hit. One of his close combat mechas dies with a rocket still unfired.
By round three it was clear he wasn???t going to win this in time. My station grabber get shot down to 1 white but I pulp another two from his main force. Anders withheld that if he lost no mechas next round and took back his station he could win.
Round four, doomsdayclock down to 2, I start mercy killing all single white mechas of his. 2 goes down, but one of them was behind my station grabber; I roll a 5 and it dies too. No biggy. I win with 35 points to his 25.

Now clearly I won because I rolled like a god and his setupand tactics was a bit sloppy. I shouldn???t have been able to grab his station if they placed closer together. Also he was out of range too often so his dice advantage was squandered. This was his second game and my thirtyeth something.

But I guess this proves this setup is winable with a little luck and good tactics. We???ll have a rematch tonight, I think Anders is going for a lot more artillery.

Question: How many stations can you take per turn? All that are in range and have no enemy mecha within 2 hexes or only one?


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