thread: 2006-10-30 : Mechaton developments

On 2006-11-08, Uriel wrote:

They can't? *flip*flip* My version doesn't mention this at all. Vincent must have forgotten. Ah well, that is good because it means my next multiplayer game (whenever that will be) will be much more dynamic (and chaotic).

We had a rematch, and Anders handed me my ass. He changed almost all his direct fire cannons into artillery and just chewed me up. My station grabber made good progress and managed to slip under artillery range quite fast, but the other poor mechas got pulverized. There were just too many of them! I lost with 30 to 55.
We'll have another rematch tomorrow maybe and then I get to change my army. I'm thinking of getting more fast station grabbers who'll advance fast and eat that artillery. But what ever I leave behind to guard my rear will get eaten I fear and then he'll take my stations.

Well, thirty something. Of those at least half were short game lasting roughly an hour, and about half of the other half were never finished properly due to lack of sleep, losts dice, time shortage, you know. I spend way much more time builing mechas. And waiting for some complete rules. Hey J- you're nearest: go kick Vincent some so he'll finish it soon! :)


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