thread: 2006-11-06 : Mechaton campaign battle plan

On 2006-11-09, Vincent wrote:

Strategizing for this battle

Okay, J and Em. Here's what we do and my thoughts about it.

1. An army is 3-8 mechs plus 2 stations. J's already given each of us one of our stations, so that's cool. What we need to do is decide for ourselves which of our units we're going to field.

2. The defender starts out in control of this PM guy. The defender's the one with the smallest, weakest army; we'll find out which of us that is at the beginning of the battle. So if you want to start out holding the PM, aim for the smallest, weakest army you think you can win with.

3. Holding the PM at the end of the battle matters. So does winning victory points. Winning victory points plus holding the PM at the end of the battle is best, but giving one up to maximize the other is good if it's the best you can get.

4. This is a society & conscience battle. Right now, J's S&C is 3, mine is 2, and Em's is 1; whoever holds the PM at the end of the battle gets the +1.

If J holds the PM at the end, he really solidifies his S&C lead. I'm not comfy with that. Probably you aren't either, Em.

If I hold the PM at the end, I take J's S&C lead away from him. I bet you aren't comfy with that, J.

So Em's in the best spot. If I have to throw the PM away, I'm going to want to throw him to Em. If J has to throw the PM away, he's going to want to throw to Em too.

J's in the worst spot - if Em has the choice, she'll probably throw the PM to me, not to him. That way she'll have to win only two future S&C battles to tie, not three.

This is all subject to our on-the-spot strategizing about victory points, of course.

5. Okay! The PM is a moving station. Here are the rules:

a. After all the mechs go, before the unarmed humans move, the PM moves 3. The PM can't pass through cover.

b. The PM can't leave the field until doomsday.

c. By default, whoever holds the PM moves him.

d. If the PM comes under fire, though, someone else moves him. It's the person with the highest spot on him. (If you hold the PM, you can have a mech spot him, for just this reason.)

So if you want to control how the PM moves, here's how: attack him (or let someone else attack him) and put a high yellow die on him. The attack doesn't resolve, it only opens him up to outside control. I'm thinking of it as confusing intel on his limo's onboard nav; whoever has the best comms relationship with the limo has the most influence over how it drives.

We might want to figure a couple extra yellow dice into our armies, for this reason. It's up to us individually.

Those are my thoughts!


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