thread: 2005-04-27 : The Open House 4: Handshaking

On 2005-05-19, Weeks wrote:

I'm Christoher Weeks (Chris).  I'm 35.  I share a birthday with my wife of eight years and I have two kids (10 and 3) and six cats.  I started with blue-book BD&D in 1980 after my mom read a newspaper article about it and thought it would be healthy for me.  I've stopped working and started full-time parenting and stuff.  I expected to have more free time for thinking about games but it hasn't worked out that way. :-)  I have a couple degrees in education and I loath the institution that you all think of when I say 'school' so I've never worked in 'my field.'

I'm living a bit south of Minneapolis and gaming with the indie-MN group.  Y'all should come out and we'll have a party or con or something.

I read this place in big chunks (like I've been gone for a month) and then go away and digest stuff and come back for more.  I do the same at the Forge, but keep up more steadily with some of the game/company-specific fora.

It was neat reading every one of the intros that came before me.


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