thread: 2005-04-27 : The Open House 4: Handshaking

On 2005-05-25, MylesC wrote:

I'm Myles Corcoran, 36 year old Irishman, father of one, husband of six years, and involved in some sort of IT support role in University College Cork, in the real capital of Ireland (or so the locals would have me believe).

I've been a role-player since '82 when I discovered SPI's Universe and Dragonquest in a little gameshop of the Champe Elysees in Paris. Despite that peculiar start I'm a big fan of simple rules (Over the Edge and HeroQuest are often favourites) and the whole buzz of the Indie rpg scene.

I'm a regular contributor to Alarums & Excursions, the venerable APA published by Lee Gold (coming up on its 30th anniversary in a couple of months) but only a very occasional contributor to the various web fora. I'm a big fan of Vincent's thoughtful approach to... well most things really, so I enjoy reading this blog and the discussion it sparks.

I'm not named after any presidents, but after Myles na gCopaleen, Irish humourist, depressed civil servant and bitter drunk, AKA Flann O'Brien. Read the Third Policeman or At Swim Two Birds for enlightenment.


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