thread: 2007-01-04 : Self-identification vs. Membership

On 2007-01-05, Matt Wilson wrote:

My US citizenship and my marriage are the only memberships I have in anything that don't eventually expire.

(No wait, that's not true. My PADI card doesn't. But shit, it ought to. I can't remember a damn thing.)

Seems like membership in a church should literally lapse after a certain point. Then you'd get all kinds of cool junk mail like when your domain registration is due. "Hey D. Baker, transfer your faith to Matt's Church of Coolness for only 9.99 a month!"

And my church would indeed be cool, but Vincent and others would argue that I wasn't charging enough, but I'd hold out until the second edition before I raised the rates.

Hey, and thanks, Bakers, for that thing I got.


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