thread: 2007-01-04 : Self-identification vs. Membership

On 2007-01-12, wundergeek wrote:

Anyone who claims that the Gospels were written by their respective authors is just plain wrong. The gospels were oral traditions of communities that weren't even written down until the second century or so. They were named for the various apostles because they were communities which those apostles were said to have founded, but all of the Gospels were written far after the apostles themselves had all died.


When I picked out "the Jews are the chosen people of God" as an example Jewish belief, my intention was more to point out something inherently impossible to prove - not to name that as a central point of Judaism. It just so happens that with Christianity, THE most important part of our faith is simultaneously the most impossible to prove. My intention was simply to point out that ALL religion represents an illogical leap of faith made because something resonates as true to you and NOT because of any inherant logic in a given belief.

That being said, look at Zionism and the political policies of Israel. If that's "we're a superior race" at work, then I don't know what is. Not ALL Jews are Zionist racists, but there's a significant number of them with enough power to make it an important phenomenon.


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