thread: 2007-01-04 : Self-identification vs. Membership

On 2007-01-12, xenopulse wrote:


The difference I (used to) see is that to me, the church emphasized the eternal afterlife. Even if you were suffering here, it wasn't God's job to give you protection, only to offer you an eternal life in heaven after. In other words, it's about saving your soul, not your body. The pure knowledge that you will be in heaven forever should be enough to make you endure life's hardships, so asking to have it easier seems to display a lack of faith that you'll soon have eternity at the side of Jesus Christ. Does that make sense?  I can see that more in what you said about praying for someone to pass quickly, for example.

Also, Sydney and others, I don't mind clapping in church anymore. Especially any church other than the one in my hometown.  When I go to my local UU church, there's modern music and clapping and even dancing in the aisles, and it's damn cool. I'm just trying to explain where my feelings about prayer and worship come from.

- Christian


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