thread: 2007-02-13 : Exorcism

On 2007-02-13, Emily wrote:

The best world ever is when you have a Priesthood relationship with someone.

Divine authority is indicated by earthly authority. Now that is a runaway feedback loop waiting to happen.

But even without stewardship, like say if you're going away to college at 18, where you don't have any kind of Priesthood relationship with your classmates and dormmates at all - even without it, you're still an exorcist and you can still be of enormous service to them. Devils are at work in their lives making them miserable; your service can give their consciences strength and protection. You're limited, but you still have the authority of God in Christ's name to cast demons out, and that's sure not nothing.

The Protestant reformation was powerful stuff. No need for a priest: dyi exorcisms. It underlies a lot of neopagan practice too (you are your own priest/ess) which can lead to similar mindfrakks and excesses.

But man, that line about listening to your heart when talking to your friends is seductive.  It is tempting to think that you've got a way to help others be good and be happy.  Removing the hierachical basis of being saved vs. not, you get something like co-counseling. Though, the whole concept of needing to be exorcised of bad thoughts gives it a completely different spin.

The line may be, for both LDS, pagan or whatever type of monkeying is that if you are deciding for someone else what is a bad thought or feeling, you are crossing a line.


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