thread: 2007-02-13 : Exorcism

On 2007-02-13, Vincent wrote:

The way I figure it, polygamy

amory can give everybody what they need out of relationships if it's a big web, but not if it's a hub with spokes. Mormon polygamy supports the latter more strongly than the former.

In blood relationships and friendships, we're super comfy with big webs where everybody gets what they need. In sexual relationships, we aren't. So it goes, I guess.

I watched most of the first episode of Big Love. The sensation was like, it was like they kept presenting things to me for me to be shocked by, and I wasn't. They were like "shocking! And ... more shocking!" and I was like, "ho hum." Kind of like Brokeback Mountain.

(I should learn not to reject shows based on half the first episode. First time I watched Firefly I turned it off right before the good stuff.)


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