thread: 2007-02-13 : Exorcism

On 2007-02-18, Meguey wrote:

People's breathing changes when they are concentrating on something. If you know them even a little well, you can tell through observation (even unconscious observation) how their breathing shifts when they are troubled, puzzled, delighted, aroused, etc.

It's not just a Mormon mind-reading trick; lots of parents have this as 'eyes in the back of the head', to know from the minute difference in sound when the child is doing something questionable in the next room.

It's also, on a lesser, more hit-and-miss basis, part of the tools used by palm readers and tarot card readers and the like to know what's going on with you when you sit down at my table. We chat for a bit, I case your body langauge and your breathing changes as I ask you a few questions, then I go with that info. It's going to be much easier and more reliable/accurate if I actually know you well.


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