thread: 2007-02-13 : Exorcism

On 2007-02-21, ffilz wrote:

I have understood that people in Europe attend church far less often than here in the US, though people are often still affiliated with a church. As one data point, my Unitarian Universalist church here in Portland OR has a sister church relationship with a Unitarian congregation in Budapest. Both churches have similar numbers of members, however, the sanctuary of the Budapest church is barely larger than one of the side galleries of our sanctuary.

Here's a picture of their sanctuary, taken from near the back.

And here's the most encompassing picture I have of our church's sanctuary. Which shows perhaps 20% of the seating, and what is shown probably is more seating than the whole Budapest sanctuary.

The extent to which religious identity is prevalent does change regionally though. Growing up in Massachusetts, I was not that aware of my friends religions, other than a few. On the other hand, in Raleigh NC, you get asked about religion in the supermarket checkout line.



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