thread: 2007-02-13 : Exorcism

On 2007-02-23, Dave Younce wrote:


On Tuesday night, we gave a lady we home teach a blessing. She has diabetes, and is starting a new diet that she's having trouble with - can't keep her sugar where she wants it and feels horrible. So, I anointed her, and then my HT companion and I blessed her together. Sometime during the blessing, I thought back on this whole thread, and I wondered, 'Do you miss this?'. I mean, there's this feeling I get when my hands are on someone's head thats totally distinct - not the same as 'feeling the spirit' in other contexts. Maybe its all psychological, I'll admit that up front, but I would seriously miss it. Don't you miss that? Stop me if you don't want to discuss this, for whatever reason.


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