thread: 2006-10-30 : Mechaton developments

On 2007-08-13, dmq wrote:

well, lalalalalaaa...

i made a game that's mechaton-y and im playing a campaign against my imaginary friend (1 v. 1) and this is pretty good.
each team has 4 mechs, one medic, and two really tiny fuchikoma(-esque?) mechs that go aroung blowing things up

but in this game, victory points (resources) dont go up, but its more of a competition of which half (left or right) of me can slow the loss of points for repair costs, and maybe even gain resources from losing less vpp than their post-game resource income

example:    Team 1(left)
150 resources- 32 for repair costs+ 20 income: 138
Team 2(right)
150 resources- 36 repair cost+ 18 income: 132

im a lefty, so team 1 tends to win (j/k)

im also a bit schizophrenic, so its easy to play against myself

and i have terrible memory so i can make plans behind my back


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