2004-12-27 : Archive 139

Well that was a rough Christmas. Boy did I end up cranky.

I yelled at my poor kids. It was me with the increasing load of Solstice with not enough sleep + Christmas Eve at Chris's with too much unspoken pain + Christmas Eve at Jenny & Johno's with too much leaving too soon + Christmas morning at Chris's with still too much unspoken pain, slightly spoken + Christmas at GGpa & GGma McKie's with also too much leaving too soon + Christmas at GGpa & GGma Lord's with not enough leaving soon enough + Christmas at Chris's with for God sake still too much unspoken pain and also way too much not-lunchtime-yet + Christmas at Serena's with Serena & Barbara with too much Meg gets to unload her carried stress onto her family and I get to keep carrying mine plus the new stress of Meg's unloading + the day after Christmas at Serena's with too much Elliot yelling at me and Sebastian yelling at me while Meg and her mom and sister reconnect after Meg's unloading = TOO MUCH FREAKING STRESS. So when we got back to our house, I yelled at my poor kids.

I feel like crap.

Next year, no Christmas, no Solstice. Next year, I celebrate National I have a day off from work so I'm'a play vidjagames Day. Nobody's invited.

Yeah, right. We'll see how well that flies.

1. On 2004-12-27, Meguey said:

Oh my dear love, how sucky for you. Ok, next year we can stay home. He's right, especially about leaving Jenny & Jono's, 'cause I hadn't seen them in 5 years. And looking over that list, it's got way too much Christmas in it anyway.


2. On 2004-12-27, ScottM said:

It's very hard; I know my cousin was in tears because she had to split her holiday [Christmas Eve/morning with her inlaws, evening with her family]; I can't imagine the stress of doing that times 3.

I hope a quiet 26th (and hopefully slow week between then and New Years) gets you back to an even keel. [And I'd consider inviting Meg and the kids to join you for vidjagames, though Seb's beating you might prove stressful. ;)]


3. On 2004-12-27, Vincent said:

Frickin' Seb.

Kidding. He and Elliot clamor for me to play. I scored (big score, I know) a SNES emulator for my PC from my little brother; I'm playing Donkey Kong Country and Super Mario All-Stars. I remember them from of old! Super Mario Brothers is still in my fingers from like 1988, I'm playing along and I'm like, "why am I speeding up here?" and then I'm like "oh yeah, that's why! I remember that jump." And I'm like, "why did I do that little hop just now?" and then I'm like, "oh yeah, that's why! To get myself out of synch with the spinning firey things!"

I used to play straight through that game holding down the B-button to run fast, not stopping for coins or nothin', it took about fifteen minutes start to end. My fingers still want to play it that way.

"What a waste of nervous system," J said. I hope that I have more recent skills built on top of the neural pathways Mario burned, otherwise he's too right!

Ah, geeking about vintage video games. It does my soul good.


4. On 2004-12-27, Vincent said:

Oh, I left out where I was going about Seb and Elliot. They perch on a chair next to mine, shouting out helpful advice and demanding that I make sound effects. Donkey Kong and the little monkey I'm calling Dinky Kong on account of I don't recall his real name but anyhow they have this whole running commentary schtick they do. I do a high fast voice for the monkey and a deep Tom Waits-y voice for Donkey Kong and they call each other names and make snide remarks when the other's leading. Seb and Elliot squeal and fall out of their chair.


5. On 2004-12-27, Meguey said:

It's a hoot, I must say. Except for when someone accidentally leans on Vincent's hair in the excitment, then it's suddenly the land of "Hey! Get off my hair!!!"