2004-12-27 : Archive 140

Also, here's me, if you can believe it, actually praying.

Universe? Hey. Be nice to Sam, Keet and Maya. We like them.


1. On 2004-12-27, Meguey said:

Yep. What he said.


2. On 2004-12-27, Ninja Hunter J said:

Not to God above, but to you.


Thank you girlThank you girlI love you to the end of the world

Congratulations and strength to them, and may they flow like water through their lives.


3. On 2004-12-30, Vincent said:

So now I've started, where do I stop?

"Universe? Hey. Knock it off with the killing 114,000+ people at one go, okay? That shit's uncool. Thanks."

I don't see how anybody's moral system survives contact with the real world. Our morality so obviously doesn't matter, and human life is vulnerable to the whims of every thoughtless thing. The earth hiccups and we die by the tens of thousands.

What does it say about me that, in the face of 114,000+ people killed overnight, children, lovers, people, people with lives and potential and hope, I'm celebrating to see a photograph of just two? Does it say about me that I'm a small-minded shit? Or does it say about me that I love my friends?

Whose heart is big enough to encompass the world? Don't tell me God's. If God has a heart, where did tsunamis and pre-eclampsia come from?


4. On 2004-12-31, Emily Care said:

If morals, and love are just side effects of consciousness, does that make them less valuable?

Being an atheist makes more sense, really. It's almost more of a comfort to think that there's just stuff happening. We can love one another, and mourn for one another without wondering why the shit happens. It just does.